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Looking for a reliable and powerful wireless transmitter and receiver module? The 433MHz 100 Meters STX882 ASK Transmitter Module, SRX882 Superheterodyne Receiver Module, and Antenna combo is just what you need! The STX882 ASK transmitter module is ultra-small in size, with high stability and low harmonics. It can achieve a maximum transmitter power of 50mW at 3.6V, making it the most powerful transmitter module in the market under the same voltage. Plus, its data port can be easily connected to a microcontroller, making wireless product development and production much more convenient. Meanwhile, the SRX882 superheterodyne receiver is a micropower module with a strong driving force that complements the STX882/STX888 module. Its data port can also be connected directly to a microcontroller, making it easier to develop and produce wireless products.


If you’re in need of a reliable and efficient antenna for your wireless communication system, check out the SW315-TH23 and SW433-TH22 Gold Plated Spring Antennas. The SW315-TH23 is specifically designed for 315MHz systems, while the SW433-TH22 is designed for 433MHz systems. Both antennas feature a gold plated spring design, with a small and ingenious structure that makes installation a breeze. With good VSWR and stable performance, these antennas offer excellent anti-vibration and aging ability. Choose the antenna that best fits your needs and enjoy a smooth and efficient wireless communication experience.

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1: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenna
2: GND, Connect Power Ground
3: VCC, Connect Power Positive
4: CS, Modules Enable Pin, Floating or Connected to High-Level Work, Sleep When Connect Ground
5: DATA, Data Input
6: GND, Connect Power Ground
7: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenna


Features :

  1. Frequency Range: 433 MHz.
  2. ASK /OOK modulation mode.
  3. Super anti-power interference.
  4. Low-power sleep less than 1A.
  5. Low self-radiation.
  6. Small size.
  7. Frequency stability and reliability.
  8. Various international testing standards.
  9. Antenna dimensions: 36 x 5.5 mm(HxD).


SRX882 Receiver:

  1. Supply Voltage: 2.4 5.5V.
  2. Operating Temperature Range: -30c ~ 85c.
  3. Latency: 20ms @315MHz, 9ms @433MHz.
  4. Consumption: 2.5mA @315MHz, 2.8mA @433MHz.
  5. Frequency Range: 315MHz-433.92MHz.
  6. Sensitivity: -110 dBm @1.2Kbps.
  7. Air Rate: 0.1-9.6 Kbps.
  8. Receiver bandwidth: 200 KHz.
  9. Dimension (mm): 35 x 10.5 x 6.
  10. Weight (gm): 2.


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