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Basic Arduino Crash Course – 8 hours

Categories: Arduino & IoT
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About Course

Duration: 8 hours(2 days)

About the Course

If you want to learn about the world of microcontrollers and interactive hardware, and you need to do your automation projects with won hand, then this workshop is just for you.

This workshop starts from the Basics of Electronics and then introduces Arduino. If you wish to know more about what an Arduino is???? Various interesting real life problems are taken up during the workshop and the participants are encouraged to think “out of box” and come up with innovative ideas to solve them.



This workshop is open to anyone and everyone, having a prior exposure to any sort of programming language. The workshop is intended for School Students, Collage-Student,   Designers and Hobbyists interested in creating interactive and responsive hardware systems.


Course Content

  • Basics Of Electronics .
  • Introduction To Arduino.
  • Basic Anatomy Of Arduino.
  • Getting Used To The Arduino IDE.
  • Programming With Arduino.
  • Blinking LEDs In A Pattern.
  • Controlling Brightness Of The LED.
  • Generating Tones On A Buzzer.
  • Detecting Press On A Switch.
  • Designing A Light Sensor Using LDR.
  • Introduction To Serial Monitoring.
  • Introduction To ADC.
  • Reading Potentiometer Values.
  • Practical- Reading The Temperature Sensor LM-35.
  • Practical – Building An Embedded Application.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Electronics, Micro-controller Basic,Arduino, Project Making

Course Content

Basic of Electricity

  • Electricity
  • Ohms Law
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Resistance Colour Code
  • Series Circuit
  • Parallel Circuit
  • Quiz On Electricity


Transistor use as Switch

Digital Electronics


Arduino Programing

Programming With LED

Programming With Switch

Programming with Buzzer


Interfacing Light Sensor LDR

Interfacing Potentiometer

Practical: Interfacing Temperature Sensor LM-35

Practical : Building An Embedded Application.

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